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Brick Painting

man painting the wall

We are Waco’s number one, most preferred masonry contractors as we have continued serving homes with outstanding services designed to make bricked outdoors areas look better than ever before. Our trained team offers professional brick painting services for when you’re looking to refresh your home and revitalize the look of your masonry areas, while also protecting the surface of your bricks for many more years of use. We bring to our services high-quality brick paints, precise painting tools, and masonry expertise in order to achieve the perfect brick painting results for all of your home areas.

Brick Painting

When you select us for your brick painting projects, you’ll be treated to an experienced team of professional house painters able to create gorgeous patterns that completely transform the look of your property. In our services, we cover everything from priming and preparing your brick and mortar areas, to painting and sealing your brick with high-quality paints. There are endless benefits to painting your bricks, our masonry contractors will help you to choose the right colors that complement your home visually, painted in such a way that your bricks will be preserved and protected for years of durability.

Exterior Brick House Painting

As bricks are porous construction material, after years of exposure to the outdoors your masonry areas can begin to show signs of decay. One of the best ways you can address aging or staining is to invest in professional exterior brick painting services. As your local professional painters, we supply top-quality brick paint and primers that work to seal your bricks, protecting the surface of your buildings and brick structures from dirt and grime build-ups, mold, and mildew growth, fading caused by environmental factors.

German Smear Brick

Our team has spent years working in this industry, and through this time we have gained specialized skills that allow us to paint bricks in beautiful, elegant styles and designs. German smear bricks are painted to resemble the natural appearance of stone, similar to the elegance of centuries-old cottages found in Europe. An eye-catching and visually stunning selection for your bricks at home, our team has the skills and high-quality latex paints necessary to transform the appearance of your residence. For outstanding mortar brick washes performed by the best contractors in the business, trust us with our German Smear services.

Repainting and Custom Brick Painting Services

Painting your bricks at home is one of the best ways to revitalize the look of your landscape while protecting and preserving your bricks and mortar. If you’re looking to upgrade your bricks at home, or are interested in professional guidance on the benefits of our high-quality brick paints, we are here to help. We work committed to keeping your home in top shape and, because of this, we encourage you to reach out to us for custom brick painting projects. No matter if you’re after professional house repainting or are in need of tailored brick designs, our qualified masonry experts are the ones you need for the best, customized brick paint services.

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